DU Stories on Twitter

This past week, I’ve spent my time tracking DU and some parts of it’s culture. In addition I spent some time around the city and in the mountains enjoying the fall air and foliage. I’ts funny how a project like this will get me to see new things after four years of being here.


Jerusalem Restaurant is a place where you can find students any time between 10am until 4am.  I’ve always left with a full stomach while losing less than 10 dollars at a time.


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Twitter scavenger hunt

School Spirit:  I don’t get out much. But I do have a cat which is, as we all know, the true currency of the internet. I woke him up while he was napping on my DU hockey jersey, he sounds cute, but he was mad.

School Spirit Retweet: I’m not going to lie, I really want to meet Felipe.



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