Tech That Could Save Lives

Phone producers say they have had the technology to lockout drivers from their phones to prevent texting while driving for a number of years. However, have not deployed this technology. As death’s increase from fatal car crashes due to texting and driving there is a call for phone companies to make a change.

Apple has made some headway, whether the technology is ready or not they have a patent, created back in 2008, to lock drivers out from using their phones to text. The defense for not releasing such technology is that with the technology they have now Apple’s tech would not be able to tell between locking someone out who is actually driving or who is just a passenger in the vehicle.

Another factor in not releasing a life saving update is fear. Phone companies are fearful of the publics acceptance of such technology. Both Samsung and Apple have acknowledged that something must change about driver culture.




The Final Frontier is Back in Business


China has just completed the creation of a goliath sized telescope. The central part of Pingtang County, China is now home to the worlds largest telescope called “Five-Hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope”, FAST has an area of 2.1 million square feet.

The brand new Chinese telescope has twice the sensitivity of the next biggest telescope. However, there is another reason for this mythically large telescope than just science. Astronomy was something  ancient China exceeded at. Scientists want to explore space but also honor advancements made long ago by their ancestors.


Half a Billion Yahoo Users Hacked


Yahoo recently revealed that back in 2014 their servers were hacked resulting in the largest cyber security breach ever. The damage Yahoo reports is 500 million names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of births and passwords stolen.

This is another BIG reminder of the importance of cyber security. The world on the web is bigger than most thought it would ever be and with more information than imagined and it is growing each day. Large companies like Yahoo are targets for hackers due to the sheer amount of personal information they have on their servers. 

With these hacks of massive amounts of information, hackers will then sell the information they have stolen, this is known as data brokering. Data Brokering is something companies do as well, not just hackers. At the moment there are no current federal laws against  Data brokering.


Hold your shopping carts! (or don’t)


Walmart is looking into releasing driverless shopping carts for customers. Using your smart phone you will be able to control and summon a shopping cart! The cart will use sensors and video cameras to navigate throughout the store improving customer experience.

Is this too far in the way of making the customer happy? Perhaps, but it is pretty cool. Driverless shopping carts won’t be in use for a few years as the patent is still pending.
This technology would also be used for product inventory, following in Amazon’s footsteps of their human-less warehouses.






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