#DUStories What Makes Us So Great?

By: Chelsea V. Hernandez

University of Denver Spirit

The University of Denver’s cheer team is always striving to receive the upmost school spirit from each member of the student body. They are active on Instagram and on Facebook. They love to keep Denver fans up to date with the latest athletic events. Their warm smiles and approachable personas made the cheer tryouts a huge success this year! Thank you ladies, and keep up the good spirit!


Spirit Spotted By Others

I loved this tweet from Julia Murray because when I saw the University of Denver Hockey Team hoodie on this student, it made me excited that hockey season is soon to start here at DU. Hockey season unites the student body in my opinion. We gather around to watch our Pios take on our rival, Colorado College. This season will not disappoint; DU Hockey placed 2nd place in the Frozen Four last April. image-15

Best Place to Grub!

Fatshack is the absolute best place on campus to grab a bit to eat! They offer unique options that can only be created by the masters in their kitchen. Fastback is the perfect place to eat whenever you’re having midnight cravings or you’re just staying up late studying for an exam. They offer the best comfort food such as deep fried Oreos and Twinkies. Make sure to check out their daily specials! image-16

You Can Never Go Wrong With Pizza

I have always been a huge fanatic of Anthony’s Pizza. The closest one in my hometown was about 15 miles away and I could never have it as much as I would want to. When I heard there was a chain close to DU’s Campus, I immediately went to grab a slice of pepperoni pizza. Their pizzas are so cheesy and any food lover would agree this is almost as magical as New York Style Pizza. Another great thing about Anthony’s Pizza is that they offer $1 slices on Wednesdays night. Perfect for a date night! image-17

Routine Can Bring Excitement

I shot this video of my good friend Meagan because her and I are very similar. I asked her what she was most excited about this school year. She said, “I am most excited about refocusing on my class work and getting a better grasp on everything that I am involved in.”  This is what I am excited for this year. Everybody goes away for the summer. We get away from our little DU community for a while and then we jump right back in into school work, clubs, and activities. Her and I love having balance in our life; I guess that is why we think so much alike.


Dreaming About Studying Abroad

I retweeted this video from Rachel Ledon because I personally am excited to study abroad. I am looking forward to seeing the different schools in different countries that DU has partnerships with. I am most likely going to study abroad in Spain. However, I also have my eyes set on somewhere “big” like Dubai. I would personally love to explore a country that is all man-made. Thinking of the possibilities makes me excited. Everybody should take advantage of the study abroad program here at DU because it is ranked as one of the best in the nation.


Have Fun This Fall Quarter

I have always been the type of person to stay within my comfort zone. I always relied on someone else’s extra push on myself even when I thought about trying something new. This school year, I took a huge leap of faith and I tried out for the University of Denver’s Cheerleading team. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a cheerleader. The only problem was that my family could never afford it. Thanks to the University of Denver’s Marketing team, my dreams have finally came true. If you are selected to be on the team, they pay for all expenses, including travel. They even provide Cheer members with scholarships. So far, I am loving it! The best way to have fun this Fall is to try something different! You could surprise yourself.


Fun in the Mountains

One of the most popular reasons why students choose to come to DU is for the beautiful scenery. One of the best times of the year to hike is during the fall season because you really get the chance to witness the leaves changing colors. Don’t wait too long though, because snow falls in the mountain very soon and the leaves will also fall down. If you get a chance to see the autumn colors, take pictures! Go with friends, it makes the experience so much more meaningful and exciting.


Goodbye Summer

This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. This scenic spot is located near the Evans Chapel at DU’s campus. It’s a beautiful place to sit down and relax and perhaps do some reflection. I enjoyed that this spot allowed me to see the changing colors of the leaves from green to yellow but some plants still emitted a rich Evergreen color. When you walk into this area, it feels like you are almost in a forest. It’s surrounded by so many trees and plants. You can’t help but to feel like nobody can see you. It’s a very relaxing spot and this picture makes me excited for the Fall.


Finding The Hidden Beauty

This was my favorite Tweet from a classmate. I thought it was interesting to call this place “scenic” because to many, it seems like a dirty alley. However, in the picture we see graffiti which in my eyes is a true art form that comes from the streets of Denver. It is also known that many students tend to use these allies as social gatherings for when they want to smoke marijuana or just stand around and talk. The word “scenic” is perfectly fitting for this location.



One thought on “#DUStories What Makes Us So Great?

  1. Chelsea,
    Very nice job on your Twitter assignment 🙂 It’s the most thorough of anyone in the class in terms of the summary and reflection you provide for each Tweet and RT 🙂

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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