Twitter Scavenger Hunt

  1. Scenic Spot: Porch Dinner – My sophomore year I lived in the SAE house which provided beautiful views of DU. Here I am enjoying one last meal with my friends.

2. Fall Fun: Broncos Game – 2 years ago I attended my first Broncos game. In the Fall going to Broncos games are great because the weather is perfect

3. Retweet of Student on the Street: I enjoyed watching this video because the student gave a surprising answer

4. School spirit: Coors Fitness Center – After taking a few photos of school spirit I chose this one because of the 3-D effect it gives off.

5. Favorite food place: The OG Chipotle – I’ve recently started going to Chipotle after they started giving out free burritos. After a few months it became one of my favorite spots on campus.

6. Retweet school spirit: The cheerleaders represent our school spirit very well and I really liked how the photo shows the event being very packed

7. Student on the street: Andrew talks sports – I uploaded this video of my friend Andrew who is very excited for the sports season just like myself.

8. Retweet scenic spot: I enjoyed Matt’s picture because there’s nothing like leaving the library after a hard days work!

9. Retweet favorite food spot: I agreed with Chelsea’s post and I go to Fatshacks a lot, but most late at night after the bars.

10. Retweet Fall fun: I really enjoyed the many colors in this photo. The trees, sky, flowers, and brick contrast well.

11. Link to Scavenger Hunt tweet


One thought on “Twitter Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hi Will,
    Good job on your Twitter assignment. The Tweets and the summaries are solid.

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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