Around DU in 10 Tweets

DU You Have School Spirit?

One of my favorite aspects of the University of Denver is all the clubs that are offered and the inclusivity within these clubs. As seen by the tweet below, there are clubs that raise awareness for all the different groups on campus!


Another important aspect of embracing not just school spirit, but also community spirit is by going out and connecting with the elements around and available. When connecting with the community, you allow yourself to take in the full experience of being in a new place. community-spirit

Food For Thought

Jazzman’s Cafe is my absolute favorite place to go to study with friends while grabbing a pastry and coffee. The atmosphere within Jazzman’s is reminiscent of a lounge or local coffee shop wherein you and the barista are on a first name basis, but without leaving campus.


If you’re from the Midwest or Southern states like I am, sometimes you need a little bit of comfort food that is a reminder of home. Fat Shack has just that. When life gets stressful from late nights of studying, there can be nothing better than any food that makes you feel like you could die slowly of a heart attack after any bite, in the best way possible.


Getting to Know Your Peers

If you have spent even five minutes on our wonderful campus, you know there are some interesting students who go here. One of the most talked about programs on campus is the Study Abroad Program. So when you put together great students and a nationally ranked program, you can get nothing but excitement all around.


When the school year starts, especially for first year students, making friends can be hard. Greek life can be a helpful way of meeting new people and making best friends for the rest of your time at school!


Falling for Denver

Fall is my favorite season and being in Denver amplifies that feeling. The weather becomes crisp, the sky is beautiful, and the mountains look as picturesque as ever. Going to state parks like Cherry Creek State Park is a wonderful way to enjoy the season while getting in some exercise and petting all the dogs that are out for walks as well!


Fall would never be complete without football season and luckily for all of us at DU, we are never too far away from Mile High Stadium. Even if you aren’t a Broncos fan, you can’t deny the rush of going to a game and enjoying the views from the stadium.


Views from the 303

Even though college is filled with an array of fun activities, there is still the aspect of studying and spending time at the library for hours on end. There have been several days where I walk into the library with the sun still up and then leaving disoriented because the sun has gone down. On the walk back from the library, campus is illuminated and can highlight some of the beauties we may not notice during the day.


With all the hustle and bustle of life on campus, it is important to always take a step back, breathe, and take in the views that we may only get to experience for these four short years at the University of Denver.



One thought on “Around DU in 10 Tweets

  1. Alexis,
    Very good job on this. Your Tweets are interesting and lively as are your RTs and your summary. And there are no major typos, etc. in your summary.

    Please see Canvas for your grade.
    –Dr. D-H


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