DU Stories on Twitter

This past week, I’ve spent my time tracking DU and some parts of it’s culture. In addition I spent some time around the city and in the mountains enjoying the fall air and foliage. I’ts funny how a project like this will get me to see new things after four years of being here.


Jerusalem Restaurant is a place where you can find students any time between 10am until 4am.  I’ve always left with a full stomach while losing less than 10 dollars at a time.


I’ve lived with Michael for two years of my college career but didn’t know what his major was. I also thought he hated winter but it turns out he’s a fan.



Some people don’t take advantages of all the free swag you can get around here for minimal effort. I think I could open up shop after all I’ve acquired.


Above Chelsea has found some shade with ample sitting areas. It looks like a nice place that could get you away from all the stresses of school while staying on campus.


Some fellow classmates experienced the outdoors, finding some secluded rivers and shade. It’s amazing that this is accessible and so close to  the big city!



This was a creative photo DU’s iconic red brick. They are currently building more brick on Asbury st. as DU’s footprint widens.


Above a classmate managed to catch Chipotle under rare cloudy Denver skies. I love telling my friends that I live near the first Chipotle and they don’t seem to care as much as I do.


I love the sunsets at Denver. I’ve never been anywhere with such consistently florescent skyskapes.



This image was taken hiking off Breckenridge mountain. It was relatively easy to take as nature threw me a softball for this one.



Another old roommate was excited to show me his colors after he had just made the club soccer team. I think I caught him with salad in his teeth.



Written by JJ Gregg


One thought on “DU Stories on Twitter

  1. JJ,
    Nice job on this. Your style is fun and you put together some solid Tweets, especially nature’s “softball.” However, there are some typos/grammar errors in spots.

    Grade is on Canvas.

    Dr. D-H


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