DU Stories on Twitter

School Spirit

The DU Hockey team is one of the university’s most beloved jewels. A typcial DU hockey game draws huge crowds of students, alumni, and fans. Here’s a shot of the boys preparing for their first game which will take place Saturday, October 1st at 7pm. Be there! capturet3

Best Food Place

This Subway is located next to the Driscoll underground and is the most convenient place to get a quick lunch. It is also a great place to meet friends, do homework, or kick your feet up and watch some sports. This subway also accepts flex and meal plan cash! capture-t2

DU Student Excitement (Video)

This is a video of Olivia Storz, a sophomore studying international studies. She is standing outside of Nagel hall as she explains her excitement for her upcoming study abroad plans next year. capturet1

Most beautiful spot

While there are many beautiful spots on campus, my favorite view is the one that I wake up to every morning. My 5th floor, apartment in Nagel hall has the absolute best view of the mountains. I love relaxing on my couch with friends watching the sunset. So blessed! capture-t6

Fall Fun

Call me a grandma but there’s nothing I love better than cuddling up with a blanket and some hot tea to knit a fall sweater. It’s getting colder by the day!


Retweet: Best Food

My classmate Chelsea photographs a popular spot to get some much needed junk food. This is an especially popular place for late night snacks. It’s open until 2am!capture-t4

Retweet: Fall Fun

This is a beautiful shot of fall in the mountains. Student’s at DU live the best of both worlds living right next to a great city and with the ability to get lost in the mountains for a weekend. This is especially beautiful as the leave change colors. capture-t8

Retweet: School Spirit

DU hockey fans can get their very own jersey to wear to the games and around campus. You can purchase these at the Richie Center. capture-t5

Retweet: Most Beautiful Spot

Chelsea captures and amazing shot of another beautiful spot on campus. These trees sit sight outside the Evans chaple and is a great place to take your homework or a good book. capture-t10

Retweet: Student Excitement 

A video shot by Lars Brady of Daniel Schleofer who is studying Accounting and Psychology.  Like Schleofer, many DU students are excited to jump into their classes and learn new things. capture-t9


One thought on “DU Stories on Twitter

  1. Rachel,
    Nice job on this. Your Tweets are solid — and you pick some very good Tweets from classmates to RT. There are a couple of misspellings, but other than that very solid.

    I agree that sunsets from a dorm room can be beautiful. I had an awesome view of the Flatirons from my graduate dorm at CU-Boulder and I loved watching sunsets from the couch there 🙂

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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