Exploring Twitter, exploring DU

Community Spirit

Pictured below are second years Rachel Brenner and Kelby Gibson exploring an overlook in Boulder. They love the sense of community in Denver and in Colorado as a whole.


Community spirit can also be found around the DU campus. Sophomore Jane Zunamon is just one great example of a Pioneer rocking the crimson and gold.


Best Places to Eat

One of the greatest and most underrated restaurants in Denver in the Blue Bonnet Cafe. Come eat here, on South Broadway, for mouth-watering Mexican cuisine.


Another place for Mexican food is Chipotle. It may be a chain restaurant, but the original corner storefront just happens to be less than a mile from DU, and it is certainly worth a visit.


Pioneers on the Street

Every Pioneer has something great to say about DU. A few were asked what they are most looking forward to for the 2016-2017 school year. Madison Heller is sophomore studying journalism. She’s from California and cannot wait for the winter season-the snow, the skiing, Winter Carnival and other festivities. Check out the full video here.


Another DU student said that she is most ready to apply for a study abroad program. Catch the video on Twitter here.


Fest Festivities

Especially after last year’s Super Bowl win, Colorado has a wealth of Broncos fans looking forward to another stellar season. It’s one of the best parts of autumn. The photo below was taken at the Super Bowl 50 rally and parade in downtown Denver.


If football in the city doesn’t sound appealing, head to the outdoors. The Rocky Mountains have so much beauty to offer in the fall. The picture below was a view captured by JJ Gregg in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colo.


Scenic DU

No matter the season, DU has a beautiful campus. The photo shown below was taken on a cell phone camera in late September, and it looks like a hot summer day. It is a central location on DU’s campus, near Mary Reed, Evans Chapel, the water feature and the Anderson Academic Commons.


Not all the great views come from the middle of campus. Sophomore Lars Brady also snapped a shot of a mural in an alleyway on the outskirts.


One thought on “Exploring Twitter, exploring DU

  1. Taryn,
    Your Twitter assignment is solid. You offer clear and typo free summaries of each and take some good pics. I should check out the Blue Bonnet Cafe, it sounds like 🙂

    See Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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