Lars Brady’s Twitter Scavenger Hunt

School/Community Spirit:

Winter Carnival is a staple at our school. It warms up DU and brings the community closer together in a blustery, cold season. My suitemate, Zack Nickel, sophomore, reps the sweater he got at last year’s event.


School/Community Spirit Retweet:

DU’s students always rally together with their spirit! Supportive Pios can be spotted in the fans sections in D1 hockey and lacrosse games, club soccer, and even intramural volleyball.


Watering Hole:

My personal favorite place to stock up on snacks in the General Store in JMac. Since it’s open until midnight on the weekdays, it’s a pretty reliable spot.



Watering Hole Retweet:

The STEM department has been receiving lots of love lately! They have delicious food trucks outside, a chicken wing restauraunt is being opened, and they’re also getting a BRAND NEW building!


Student on the Street:

Even though studying can be hassle, it’s also a blessing. My roommate, Daniel Schlehofer, a hardworking sophomore studying Accounting and Psychology, agrees. We both think it’s remarkable we can pursue what we’re passionate about.


Student on the Street Retweet:

DU’s studying abroad program is pretty remarkable. After doing research and hearing stories from friends, I eagerly await until I can branch out and study abroad.



Fall Fun:

Denver’s fall weather is perfect for being outside and DU’s red bricks perfectly match fall colors.


Fall Fun Retweet:

The fall views Colorado has to offer are unbeatable. None of my friends in other states get to go hiking nearly as often as I do.


Scenic Spot:

This is definitely my favorite hidden pocket at DU. I love the quiet places, like back alleys, in the middle of a bustling city.



Scenic Spot Retweet:

DU is full of warm, open spaces. The green lawns, open classrooms, and mountain sunset views all make DU the best second home that’s out there.



One thought on “Lars Brady’s Twitter Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hi Lars,
    Good job on your Twitter assignment. The summary is solid as are the Tweets. Favorite shot for me is the one of your skateboard 🙂

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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