Twitter scavenger hunt

School Spirit: The science department knows how to ring in the new school year with free food trucks for all students, and informational resources for science careers! In combination with their beautiful new building, the STEM departments have me thinking about changing majors.

School Spirit Retweet: Dressed in head to toe crimson and gold is the very best way to show Pioneer spirit- especially when it’s in support of one of our awesome sports teams!



Favorite Food/ Drinks: Not only does Five Guys have amazing burgers, but amazing milkshakes and fries fit for a vegetarian like me. Of course, no meal is complete without amazing friends to share it with!

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.10.45 AM.png


Retweet favorite food/drink: Jazzman’s caffe, located on Driscoll bridge, is the ideal spot for any student on the go across campus who needs a quick pick-me-up. The friendly barista is always included, no extra charge.


Student on the street: Gina’s door is always open to share her positive attitude with anyone who stops by! Just one flight of stairs below her, I must agree that living with all your best friends in a sorority house is a dream come true.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.10.11 AM.png

Retweet student on the street: I waited my whole freshman year to see behind the mysterious RA desk… and never saw it! Chelsea managed to get a behind the scenes look into the life behind the desk.


Fall fun: Hands down the most exciting part about fall is the presidential elections! In preparation for the big day on November 8th I love to volunteer to register students on campus to vote. I captured a fellow volunteer having just as much fun as I was!


Fall fun retweet: Colorado’s amazing views always seem to leave me speechless. As the crisp air rolls down from the mountains in Autumn, a little vacation from the rigor of school is exactly what we need.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.09.00 AM.png

Scenic Spot: The always calm ponds that surround Evens Chapel always comfort me on my walk to and from class. The perfectly clear skies sure don’t hurt either.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.08.41 AM.png

Scenic spot retweet: This is truly my favorite spot on campus. No matter what angel or in what light, a picture of this spot will trigger an instant smile.



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One thought on “Twitter scavenger hunt

  1. Annika,
    Very nice job on your Twitter summary. Your Tweets are well done and lively — so, too is your description and summary of them. There are a couple of typos, “Evens” vs. “Evans”, etc. But overall, excellent job — especially on the photo of the chapel 🙂

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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