Twitter scavenger hunt

School Spirit:  I don’t get out much. But I do have a cat which is, as we all know, the true currency of the internet. I woke him up while he was napping on my DU hockey jersey, he sounds cute, but he was mad.

School Spirit Retweet: I’m not going to lie, I really want to meet Felipe.



Favorite Food and Drink: Growing up Jewish, my family has had a long history of deli patronage. Please don’t tell them I like my Ruben with bacon.

Food and Drink Retweet: Oh my god, yes. Fat Shack is located right across the street from me, and I am, much to my doctor’s dismay, a regular customer.


Student on the Street: It’s not exactly a street, but I cornered my roommate Ryan Kozak before he was fully awake and demanded answers to questions he was not ready for.


Student on the Street retweet: I always retweet fancy hats. That is my promise to you.


Fall Fun: I built this computer back during last January and it kinda almost even works now.

Fall Fun Retweet: I have an electric longboard that I like to ride around on campus with. It’s super smooth and relaxing.


Scenic Spot: I tried to get a good picture of the ivy growing up the side of Daniels, but it just didn’t come out too well.

Scenic Spot Retweet: Julia’s hiking spot reminded me of my time in Vermont, taking my camera up into the woods and taking pictures of everything.3312b383ebe1f24bab386e28f5a78732.png

#mfjs2140 #DUstories



One thought on “Twitter scavenger hunt

  1. Chase,
    Solid job on your Twitter scavenger Hunt story. Your Tweets are clear and your summary is too.

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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