Twitter Scavenger Hunt by Ben Jones

Student on the street:

Michael Gestal is Senior who is looking forward to graduating and entering the real world in March. This video was taken outside my house



Student on the street re-tweet:

I picked this video to re-tweet because I am equally excited about Tom Brady’s return to football the weekend after next.


School spirit:

DU club rugby player, Felipe Martinez, showed his DU spirit by wearing his DU rugby sweater .



School spirit re-tweet:

I thought this was a great post for promoting school spirit and promoting club sports participation.



Favorite food place:

Mustard’s last stand is my favorite place to grab a bight to eat because I love Chicago style hot-dogs. I thought the angle of the photo did the place justice.



Favorite food place re-tweet:

5 guys is another great place I love to eat food at. They make great burgers and there are free peanuts!



Fall Fun tweet:

Red Rocks is an amazing concert venue that hosts all different genres of music. I think every student should see a show at least once because it is an experience you will never forget. This photo was taken last Saturday at the Big Gigantic concert.



Fall fun re-tweet:

Getting out of the DU bubble and going on a hike is one of my favorite activities during the fall. This is a great photo that I thought need to be re-tweeted.


Scenic Spot:

I found this spot when the sun was setting my freshman year and never forgot it. It is really peaceful and its a great spot to spend some alone time.



Scenic Spot re-tweet:

I chose this picture because it is the opposite view of my pick. This is also another great spot to be when the sun is setting on campus.





One thought on “Twitter Scavenger Hunt by Ben Jones

  1. Ben,
    You do a good job on this assignment. Your Tweets are solid as are your summaries. I agree that you shoot Mustard’s Last Stand from a good angle.

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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