5th annual Stroll N Tell brings cultural awareness at DU


Photo and graphics by: Multicultural Greek Council

As you walked into Driscoll Ballroom, you were instantly hit with the diversity of the University of Denver. Numerous Multicultural Greek Organizations gathered around the ballroom, anticipating for the amazing show they were promised. Before the performance started, numerous people were walking around, socializing, and showing off their Greek letters. All around, you saw Greek members wearing their jackets with their Greek letters on them. These jackets are similar to Letterman jackets from high school, but are held to a higher honor. You could hear the wave of laughter all around the ballroom, and see matching smiles to go along with it. Not a single person in the room was left alone. Everybody was welcomed like family.

The University of Denver had been going through racial tensions for several days. After the defacing of the Black Student Alliance murals at the Free Speech Wall, on Oct. 8, this community was eager to come together to support one another.

It wasn’t only Multicultural Greeks at this event. There were students in attendance who were from different kinds of student organizations. There were members of the Panhellenic Fraternity and Sorority life, also students from Muslim Student Alliance, Asian Student Alliance, Native American Student Alliance, as well as students from other schools around Colorado. Everybody was anticipating the dance routine from each organization.

The Annual Stroll N Tell is a cultural awareness event at the University of Denver where 5 active chapters from 5 different organizations put together a line dance that shows their cultural diversity. The 5 organizations are Kappa Phi Lambda, Pi Lambda Chi, Sigma Lambda Beta, Sigma Lambda Gamma, and Theta Nu Xi.


Photo by: Chelsea Hernandez

“To me the purpose behind strolling is a way to show the passion and culture behind MGC. although all strolls are different they have elements of rhythm and pure energy that embody each different organization,” says Sophomore Daniela Caro. She represented Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. Daniela mentioned she was incredibly nervous before performing. She didn’t expect so many people to attend and she got last minute jitters. However, once she saw how excited the crowd was, it led to her excitement.

Each organization performed a line dance for three rounds. The best possible way to describe strolling is a mixture of stepping and dancing that derived from the “Divine 9” who are historically black fraternities and sororities organizations. Strolling incorporates the hand signs of each respected organization as well as their “calls.” It’s a repetitive dance, that consist of anywhere between 1-4 eight counts before it repeats in moves. For the most part older members will lead the strolls.

According to Junior Meagan Dizon, some organizations have national/ state strolls that everybody would know allowing everybody regardless of chapter to join in on unity which is something MGC organizations really pride themselves on.

“I think the thing that I loved most about Stroll n Tell was performing. I’m a theater major so performing is a huge passion of mine. Plus, the amount of support from the DU community as well as other campuses MGC communities was amazing,” said Sophomore Katie Goodwin. Her organization, Pi Lambda Chi received an uproar from the crowd when incorporating modern hip hop music and classic Latino music. Her organization had a total of 15 girls performing, the majority of the night.


Photo by: Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority

Perhaps the best thing about the performances from each Multicultural organization was seeing the enthusiasm and hard work they put into their dance routines. All eyes were glued to the line of dancers in awe. What was also great was that nobody was there to compete. The purpose was to support every organization on what they stand for and to celebrate culture.

The racial tensions at the University of Denver had the entire Multicultural community shaken up. The 5th Annual Stroll n Tell served the purpose to bring everyone together, spread love, and to show the student body the rich history of these student organizations.



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