Chiller Whales Defeats Buttery Box in 7-2 blowout.

It was a warm Sunday evening at Diane Wendt Field as the two teams show up 10 minutes before 6 p.m. for their intramural soccer game. The team’s warm-up on their perspective sides of the field. The Chiller Whales (3-1), captained by Jack Roberts (Senior for Chiller Whales), initiate a passing drill amongst themselves. Crisp passes gliding along the grass accompanied by a number of passes kicked high in the air. The opposing team Buttery Box(2-2), captained by Henry Ferrill (Junior for Buttery Box), started by doing dynamic stretching between the goal and goalie box. Minutes passed and the referee’s called for captains, moments later their whistles blew and the game begun.


Diane Wendt Field, University of Denver . Oct. 23 2016.

The game seemed at a pause in the beginning, neither team making any headway towards the others goal. The field being artificial grass left a tail of rubber behind the ball everywhere it went. About 12 minutes into the first half and Charlie Cohn (senior for Chiller Whales), fires a shot at goalie Rob Hurdman, (Junior for Buttery Box), landing in the back of the net left side.

Moments later Buttery Box has a reply to Cohn’s venomous strike. Nate Falcone (Junior for Buttery Box), who has played soccer throughout his life. Alone in Chiller Whales half guarded by two defenders puts the moves on and sneakily gets between both of them with a quick fake out. Closer to the goal Falcone sees his opportunity and puts the outside of his left boot to the ball, sending it towards the right side of the goal past Roberts to even out the game.

Two more shots were made by team Chiller Whales, first by Nathan Chesley (Senior for Chiller Whales) from quarter field followed a quick put away by Sarah Levin (Senior for Chiller Whales). The only spectators were the referee’s and a single sub for Buttery Box on this warm dark fall night. The referees blew their whistles twice commencing half-time break. The two teams slowly walked back to their bench areas and sat to discuss their game plan.

Score 3-1 during Half time captain Roberts discussed how the game was going.

“It’s a great game so far, we have the lead right now but a 2 goal lead is one of the more dangerous leads in soccer”

The Whistles blew again signaling the end of the half-period. The game was underway once again, this is where Chiller Whales put on a show. Great passing followed by big hearts bullied their way to a 5-1 lead only 15 minutes into the second half. 2 Shots by Chesley, blew past secondary goalie Liam McHugh (Junior for Buttery Box) to give Chiller Whales a comfortable lead.

With only a handful of minutes remaining Buttery Box attempts a comeback to no avail. Captained Ferrill receives a long shot pass from teammate Ryan Crosby (Junior for Buttery Box) on the right side of Chiller Whales goal. Ferrill sees the opportunity and strikes seeing it as his team’s only hope for redemption. The white and black ball zoomed along the ground past keeper Roberts right hand landing in the back left of the goal.

In the end the teams had fun often smiling and cracking jokes with each other despite the large the lead Chiller Whales had for most of the game.

“It was awesome to get out and play against friends today, we all know each other and will have bragging rights about this game for awhile” Roberts exclaimed with a smile on his face.


Anderson Academic Commons, University of Denver  Oct. 24, 2016. Jack Roberts, Captain of Chiller Whales. (Photo by Matthew Stallone)



One thought on “Chiller Whales Defeats Buttery Box in 7-2 blowout.

  1. Matt,

    Really enjoyed your story and the specific language you used. Your action verbs and descriptions really kept me interested in the piece. I also liked how you set up your story with the introduction, giving details and creating a great image of what was going on. It was also funny how we covered different teams that ended up playing each other. In my story I predicted that Chiller Whales would destroy buttery box and I guess I was right! Thanks for the read!


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