Chiller Whales fall to Real Denver


On Sunday Oct. 16 at Diane Wendt field, the Chiller Wales (2-0) faced off against Real Denver (1-1) in the University of Denver Intramural Soccer league. The Chiller Whales, after leading most of the game fell to Real Denver in the last minutes of competition.


Photo by Will Moss at Diane Wendt Field 6:30pm

The Chiller Whales got off to an aggressive start, with Nathan Chesley scoring the first two goals of the match. The first goal came from a cross by Gunnar Solberg followed by a tenacious header from Chesley 2 minutes and 36 seconds into the game.

After making three defensive stops the Chiller Whales once again advanced the ball into the box with a pass from Sarah Lewis to Nathan Chesley, who went back door on the goal keeper with 10 minutes to play in the first half.

With the Chiller Whales up 2-0 at half the team was confident especially behind the great play of their goalie, Jack Roberts.

A few minutes into the second half the Chiller Whales were struggling to get back on defense and Real Denver was getting great shots on net. With 15 minutes to play in the game, Real Denver scored two goals (Cam Hager and Tom Norris) within 20 seconds of each other to even up the score.

With the score tied the game intensified. Luke Beenken, for Real Denver, had two great looks with 10 minutes left but missed wide right on one try and hit the crossbar on the other. Beenkens’ pressure seemed to get to goalkeeper Jack Roberts as Ahmed Dado sliced through the defense of the Chiller Wales and netted an easy go ahead goal with 5 minutes left to play.


Photo by Will Moss at Diane Wendt Field 6pm

In a desperation move, the Chiller Whales moved Sarah Levin and Nathan Chesley to full attack in hopes of scoring a last minute equalizer. Both strikers were getting optimal looks but the stout defense of Real Denver kept the pressure on. After making a miraculous save on a rip from Chesley, the Real Denver goalkeeper made a beautiful pass up to Cam Hager who was ready to create scoring opportunities.

After a flurry of quick and accurate passes Real Denver was threatening the defense of the Chiller Whales. And then, in tic-tac-toe fashion Real Denver scored a beautiful goal to give them a two goal lead with one minute left to play.

After a tremendous start from the Chiller Whales, defense cost them the game. After the first half, instead of staying on the attack it was clear the Chiller Whales needed some defensive reinforcements.


Photo by Will Moss at Diane Wendt Field 6:15pm

Concluding the game I spoke with Jack Roberts, the goalie. Jack had this to say, “Definitely a tough loss for us. I’m disappointed in myself for letting the game slip away and I take full responsibility.”

Although the Chiller Whales lost a close one here today, things are still looking up. They face the leagues worst team Buttery Box (0-3) in their final match which should give the Chiller Whales a top seed in the playoffs. If the defense can figure it out for the Chiller Whales they’ll be a favorite in the playoffs this year with one of the best goalkeepers in the league. In regards to their motivation around winning a championship, Chiller Whales captain Sarah Levin said it best, “We’re pissed. We want that trophy.”


Jack Roberts – Goalkeeper

“I take full responsibility for the loss.”




2 thoughts on “Chiller Whales fall to Real Denver

  1. I like your use of imagery in relatable comparisons to describe the play of teams. I can imagine them passing in “tic-tac-toe” fashion and the tempo of your article itself give the feel of a fast paced game. I’ve played in intramural soccer games and this article has a great way of making them seem as fast paced and exciting as they actually feel to play. It’s too bad jack takes all the blame for the loss, from I can tell it was just a result of the team adjusting their strategy.


  2. Great read you have here Will. I enjoyed the details you put into this story. Exciting action verbs really helped this piece. I also like the pictures you have taken here, they are really good! You have objects in the right place in regards to the rule of thirds and you also paid attention to the background of your photos.


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