Denver Meatpacking Company: relatable indie rock, on a stage the size of a postage stamp


Chase Fisher
The Denver Meatpacking Company is an indie rock power trio, Jerome Bellian on the drums, Alfred Muller on bass, and David Simutis on the guitar. I went with a former roommate, Fedor Shishkov, to catch their live show at the Colfax Illegal Pete’s.

With the sound check complete, we settled back with our beers to wait out the band’s arrival. When the music kicked off I was pleasantly surprised: the venue wasn’t in any way optimized for live music, but DMC filled the space admirably. Jerome’s drum work was tight and aggressive, while the vocals, washed out as they were by the overall weirdness of the venue, were still spot on. The Colfax Illegal Pete’s used to house an IHOP and the tall ceilings and wooden construction didn’t lend itself to clarity, adding to this was the sound system which decided to stop working properly right around the time the set started: two  of the three microphones just decided not to work. DMC wasn’t really hindered by this, the slightly sketchy nature of the venue only increased


photo credit: Fedor Shishkov

the bands lo-fi charm. By the time the band reached the third or fourth song the beer was flowing liberally,the modest but appreciable crowd cheered for each song, and the band worked with what they had to make a great set. A high point of the set was the song “Things are Looking Down” benefiting from Alfred Muller’s steady work on the bass.


Overall Denver Meatpacking Company kicks a good degree of ass. If the venue’s sound system had been functional I imagine they’d be even better, but even with everything the way it was DMC absolutely delivered on the promise of loud, lovable rock. Their garage rock fueled, lo-fi sound and lyrics are highly reminiscent of the 90’s mainstay Presidents of the United States of America
. I caught up with the band after their set to ask them a few questions:

Chase: So Denver Meatpacking Company, that’s awesome, how did you come up with that name?

David: The Internet gave it to us, it was birthed online.

Alfred: That’s the end of it but the initial thing is that none of us are from Denver right? We’re from all over the country, but we all moved to Denver within a year of each other. We knew each other in LA, we knew each other in Ohio, and Texas but we all moved here so, we love Denver, we wanted to claim it as our home town, so we wanted to do something that gave a shout out to Denver, but also gives a shout out to something else, so his first job was a butcher so…

Jerome: I was a butcher, I was in Ohio cutting up deer and cows and other stuff

A: We had like, five or six names so we literally put up a Google poll and said we couldn’t pick any of themcee9869f3916ff7694f4e0c7be4c01b69c8ca328.jpg

C: Is there an album I can direct people to?

J: It’s called Entropy, it’s on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

Denver Meatpacking Company’s first album Entropy is available for both purchase and streaming


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