Jake Hurwitz’s vision changes lives of young entrepreneurs


photo taken and edited by: JJ Gregg

In an attempt to control his education, Jake Hurwitz has made a point to absorb the wisdom of inspirational business men and women to better himself and his perspective. On Oct. 28, in his office right off of the University of Colorado Boulder campus, Hurwitz finalized the first stage of a long-term project that takes the perspective of successful business people and bestows it upon students that may be struggling to cope with the real-world struggles of innovation.

When Jake Hurwitz was a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder, he set out to have coffee with someone that inspired him, every week. Now, it is three years past that decision and he has now sat down with nearly 150 people.

Hurwitz proclaims himself to be one of the most outgoing guys he knows. “To most people, the idea of meeting someone new every week makes them cringe,” he admitted as he paced in front of an intimate crowd of co-workers and their friends before a premiere of his first season of his series produced by his company, the Eyesight collective.

But the Eyesight Collective is only the present and future of his story. Hurwitz describes the defining moments that led him to this point.

“It was an evolution,” he says “looking back at the sequence of events it makes perfect sense, but if you asked me three years ago where I’d be today, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.”

While his initial goal was an education that supplemented his formal college education, he eventually found himself in a central point of innovation. He had met so many inventive people, many of them involved in or planning on creating a startup, that he had a sense of their pain points and what they needed or had needed to overcome them.

Jake saw an opportunity. He could use his knowledge of the startup culture to link business that have creative needs with students desiring real world experience. He wanted students to meet the people that inspired him so they could discover where their creativity fit into the real world.

Over two years, Hurwitz has hired 16 young creative consultants, who he says “have all gone on to realize their real-world potential.”

Soon the Jake Hurwitz Creativecompany became the Eyesight Collective, which he co-founded with Nathan Moses, a former University of Denver student. The company has gained enough reputation to help land Hurwitz jobs such as the marketing director at CU Bolder and as a student fellow at Chicago Ventures.

Hurwitz and Moses were so moved by the experiences that had been created, they decided to reach a broader audience.

“We had discovered a spark that was missing from so many potential creatives and we knew we weren’t reaching everyone that could benefit from this,” said Hurwitz. “We decided to take those coffee shop meetings and produce them as a series of episodes.”

Over the next nine months, Moses and Hurwitz with the help of some young employees began to produce an eight-
episode series where entrepreneurs who had turned turmoil to triumph share their career turning points that have since defined them.

That brings us back to Oct. 28, where Jake Hurwitz announced the finalization of the Eyesight Collective’s first season of stories. They include many notable names and job titles including Devon Tivona, the CEO of Pana and Jane Miller, former division president of PepsiCo.


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