The Day After November 8,2016


(Photo By Matthew Stallone)

Mark Gerzon, author of several books and political activist, gave a speech this Tuesday Nov. 1, 2016 at the SIE complex, University of Denver about how to bridge the partisan divide no matter who wins the election.

Gerzon discussed his political background, growing up very right winged suburban area. To the point where he did not know a single democrat growing up. Admitting to probably being a racist and bigot in his childhood due to his surroundings, the leader of the KKK lived close by he gave as am example.

Standing up on the stage with two projectors behind him showing images related to politics, Gerzon moved onto his time in college spent at Harvard during the 60’s. His political surroundings were completely flipped, not a Republican in sight.

“I became somewhat of a radical liberal, attending many protests”-Gerzon

Gerzon by the time he was 21 had seen and lived both extreme sides of what make up our political system, Republican and Democrat. He saw the difference between the two parties, realizing that no matter what one proposed or thought the other would deny.


Mark Gerzon, at University of Denver. (Photo by Matthew Stallone)

Going into analysis mode, Gerzon then promptly talked about how 42% of Americans identify as independent while Americans aligned with Democrat or Republic were in the mid-twenties percentages. Also that out of all millennial’s 60% identify as independent, breaking out of the red-blue mindset expanding the meaning of freedom.

Gerzon then ranted about how impressed he is with millenials. Attending a conference where 5 millenials propsed ideas about how to fix our political system today.

“I’d rather have those 5 millennial’s run the US than the two running for president right now”-Gerzon.

He then continued to talk about how America is stuck. Stuck in a political system because politicians refuse to work together for the greater good. Having the mindset that politicians would rather see America burn than work with the opposite party. Along with that Gerzon tells us  his frustration with US citizens, that they have lack of political knowledge unable to make informed decisions.

“you can’t be conflict illiterate in a democracy”-Gerzon

Gerzon then touched on something he believes the government needs, a position dedicated to communication between parties as well as between the people and the parties. There isn’t enough communication between democrats and republicans to have a functioning democracy.

“There is a missing synapse between us citizens and politics, what we need is an office of facilitation”-Gerzon


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