The hero’s DU deserves

Recently entering, 2017, we have com e into the most connected time between people that humans have ever seen. What do we have to thank for this connectivity? The internet! More so everybody attending our university, The University of Denver, uses DU WiFi or eduroam. The difference between the two would be that eduroam has more levels of security than DU WiFi.

It’s important to know a least a little bit of how it all works and what kind of security measures you can take to ensure the privacy of your personal information. Some examples of cyber crime that you might recognize would be eBay’s catastrophe in 2014 when 233 million users’ personal information was stolen. Usernames, passwords phone numbers and physical addresses. Or more recently in 2016 Yahoo for a couple of different reasons. 1. It was released that 500 million user’s information comppwas stolen back in 2015 and 2. It came out that Yahoo and the US government were working together to monitor emails going through their system. Whether that is a good or bad thing that your emails are being looked at by the government, it’s important to know what is happening to your personal information online.

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