Staying safe on the net

Staying safe on the net. There are a couple of very simple ways to do that not costing a dime. Which for most people, mainly college students, is the most important part. We’re all willing to do something until it costs money. First of all, lets start with general safety on the web without having to download anything, your look both ways before crossing the street safety tips.  This is stuff that we should at least be mentioning to kids these days because our world is becoming increasingly dependent on web services. Firstly, don’t use an easy to guess password, like steven123 or spacebar spacebar spacebar spacebar space bar. Passwords with random numbers, letters and symbols work best. Don’t with that don’t use the same password for all for your stuff like email, apple or pc products, your social media websites like twitter and Facebook and certainly not you online banking. Thirdly in regards to your passwords be sure to change them at every couple of months just as an extra measure.


“I’d say I use the same password for almost all of my websites. Facebook, Twitter, Canvas, Pioneerweb, you name it they all have the same password” said Jack Cherry a junior at the University of Denver.

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