Why the greatest gap won’t close


Photo by Annika Galloway

Across the United States women on average make only 82.1 percent of men’s yearly earnings. In Colorado, the gap becomes vastly larger at 78.3 percent and is on trend to continue to grow wider, painting a bleak picture for women looking to enter the workforce in the near future.

Accounting for differences in education, qualifications, and across all fields of work, women are paid less.

Equal Opportunities International defines discrimination as, “the provision of unequal benefits to people of different ascriptive statuses despite identical qualifications and merit.”

In 2009 President Barack Obama attempted to combat gender discrimination by adding the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. This act, in addition to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, was supposed to eliminate any gaps by “restoring the bedrock of American law”, through equal rights for all. However, the gap did not change.

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Mark Gerzon speaks on the importance of bridging a “technicolor” nation post-election


Photo by Annika Galloway

DENVER- Mark Gerzon, an author and cross-party conversation expert, spoke at the University of Denver on Tuesday to advocate for the importance of cross-party relations and conversations in and out of Washington D.C. in his speech titled, “How To Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins the Election”.

In Washington D.C., Grezon facilitated the first House of Representatives Bipartisan Congressional Retreat. He argued that in order to bridge the massive divide of the two party ideologies, everyone must be involved in recognizing our “technicolor nation” that is built with more than just “blue” and “white”.

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Skintight Outrage’s humor excels where production value lacks


Photo by Annika Galloway 10/19/16

Tucked away in a fluorescent dungeon lies a room that on every Wednesday night bursts with joy. The University of Denver’s self proclaimed “premier” improv group, Skintight Outrage, thrives on the strength of imagination when resources are nonexistent.

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Students apprehensive towards a cashless society


[Photo by Annika Galloway]

Nordic countries like Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands have pioneered the idea of a cashless society. With frequent credit card transactions and recent cashless inventions such as Apple Pay and Venmo, students at the University of Denver may not have cash in their pockets, but they are not yet ready for it to disappear entirely. Continue reading


Twitter scavenger hunt

School Spirit: The science department knows how to ring in the new school year with free food trucks for all students, and informational resources for science careers! In combination with their beautiful new building, the STEM departments have me thinking about changing majors.

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