The implications of climate change on the ski industry


Info-graphic by Ben Jones

With the growing popularity of outdoor tourism, particularly skiing, Colorado has experienced a huge increase in tourism over the past years but growing concerns over climate change may affect this industry’s future. The majority of scientists agree that climate change is a prevalent issue and it has a direct impact on the rate of snowfall. Changes in temperature lead to changes in precipitation patterns. Therefore, warmer temperatures will lead to less snow and more rain which spells out bad news for the ski industry’s future.

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Gabe Bram and the roller coaster ride of teaching


photo by Prairie Middle School 

25-year-old DU alumni Gabe Bram has plenty of insight to share about his middle school teaching career that is both emotional and inspiring.

Being a teacher today is arguably one of the toughest jobs a young adult can take on. The amount of responsibility and impact the job pertains can be mined bottling for some but others like Bram, who is in his second year of teaching at Prairie Middle School in Aurora, embraces it.

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Mark Gerzon discusses how to bridge the partisan divide


Photo by Benjamin Jones

Denver, CO – Mark Gerzon, president of the Mediator Foundation gave a riveting lecture last Tuesday, November 1, 2016, discussing the topic of his book titled, The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide,”. His book has an intriguing twist where he focuses on what will happen after the presidential election and the conflicts that have stemmed from it between the two major political parties. Continue reading

Denver Highlanders advance to High Desert Classic final with slapdash effort against Queen City


Eight-Man, Kyle Gross, on a 60m run. Photo by Ben Jones, 10/22/16

The Denver Highlanders Men’s Club Rugby (4-0) beat Queen City (3-1), 15-10, in a sloppy semi-final game in the High Desert Classic this past Saturday in Albuquerque New Mexico. A total of 12 penalties were committed in this game with both teams sharing 6 a-piece.

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Students put forward views on prescription drug abuse

localization cover photo.PNG

Spilled bottle of Adderall. (photo by Ben Jones)

Prescription drug abuse among college and university students around the United States is a problem experts say is getting progressively worse. The 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that prescription drug abuse is second to marijuana among 18 to 25 year old’s. The study also shows that these abuses have increased since the 1990’s with the increase in Adderall prescriptions and pain killers such as oxy cotton. Another survey conducted by Columbia University found that approximately half of full-time college students abuse prescription drugs or binge drink.


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