Rape culture and the college experience


Photo courtesy of Barstool Sports

It’s been nearly four months since former Stanford student Brock Turner, was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. It’s been nearly one month since tape recording surfaced of Donald Trump bragging about groping women without their consent.

Trump simply dismissed the recording as “locker room talk” while Turner’s father told the judge that jail time was a “steep price to pay for twenty minutes of action.”  Today, Turner is out of jail and Trump is set to be the next president of the United States. Continue reading


An unconventional path to success in the creative industry


Photo courtesy of Greg Cotten. 

When Greg Cotten graduated with a degree in marketing from the University of Mississippi in 1999, he had no idea where he would end up. It would take several years, two jobs, and another round of schooling for the Nashville native to finally be able to do what he loved, and he hasn’t looked back since.    Continue reading

Sorority members talk candidly about sexual assault on DU’s campus


At 8:30 p.m. Wednesday October 26 around one hundred sorority women gathered together in the University of Denver’s Sturm Hall to learn more about preventing sexual assault on their college campus.

In an effort to educate fraternity and sorority members on an issue affecting colleges across the nation, Gamma Phi Beta, a University of Denver sorority chapter, teamed up with the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative to create an interactive presentation about campus sexual assault catered towards college students. Continue reading

DU’s premiere comedy team Skintight Outrage does not disappoint


Photo by Carson Baer

At 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday October 19, Sturm Hall is eerily quiet compared to its bustling day time alter ego. Like a secret speakeasy that only a select few know about, Lindsay Auditorium opens its doors every Wednesday to host Skintight Outrage, DU’s premiere improv team. Consisting of nine students, Skintight Outrage is an elite comedy team where all of its members are required to audition for a spot. Everything performed is unscripted and no performance is the same. Every student at DU is welcome to audition for the team but only the funniest of the funny get to call themselves a member of the team. Continue reading

DU students want the pay gap to close

How do students at the University of Denver feel about the increasing wage gap? 


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It has been 52 years since the passing of the Equal Pay Act, a law aimed at abolishing wage disparity based on gender. Today, American women are making just 80 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn.

The pay gap ironically, does not discriminate who it affects. Women from all backgrounds, ages, and levels of education experience wage disparity. A study conducted by the American Association of University Women also known as the AAUW, found that a gender pay gap exists in nearly every occupation. Continue reading