LGBT rights take one step forward, two steps back


Photo by Taryn Allen

The fight for equal rights has been a long and difficult one for all minority groups in America, and in the case of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) community, the struggle only continues to grow. Despite recent moves forward in marriage equality and other issues, laws favoring discrimination still affect LGBT individuals every day, and the recent appointment of president-elect Donald Trump looks only toward a bleaker future.

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Author Billy J. Stratton shares what it means to be a published writer


Dr. Billy J. Stratton // Photo by Taryn Allen

Dr. Billy J. Stratton never imagined that he would be a published author. Even the thought of being a writer would have made him scoff as a young man in Kentucky. Today, he has a PhD, teaches at the University of Denver and has multiple publications under his belt.

Being an author is no easy feat, whether it be for a scholarly work or for a piece of fiction. It takes hard work, dedication and an immense amount of time. The best writers must read a lot and write a lot. They need to commit to researching topics and producing creative content practically on cue. Many do this without recognition or reward, as well, as the world of publication is competitive and unpredictable. These days, a writer often cannot earn a living, with low royalty rates for academic pieces and first-time publishers and no clear guide of what will or will not sell to the presses.

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DU professor brings ‘Hamlet’ to life


Photo by Taryn Allen

Dr. W. Scott Howard, an Associate Professor of English at the University of Denver, recently gave a presentation entitled “‘Stay, illusion’: Shakespeare’s First Folio and the Ghost Quartos of ‘Hamlet.’” It was a brief lesson that combined history, theatre and English into a survey of William Shakespeare and of “Hamlet’s” origin.

The lecture was held in a small classroom of Sturm Hall on the morning of Oct. 28. Only nine people attended Howard’s lecture, but each was responsive and focused. This comes as no surprise, though, as Howard made the lesson interesting, engaging and interactive.

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DU’s ‘Exiled’ is a work of art


Rosa Wariner, Wren Schuyler, Sam Pargament, Katie Walker, Mikah Conway and Stage Manager Mitchell Shepherd // Photo by Taryn Allen

The DU Department of Theatre recently presented a play called “Exiled,” a five-person original performance that captured the senses and provoked emotion.

Imagine DU’s White Box Theatrea room painted white from floor to ceilingwith the back wall plastered with sheets of white paper and the only set pieces, five black blocks, lined up along the floor. When the lights go down, the cast members slither and slink out into the dark theatre, silently moving the blocks around and using markers to write words, phrases, charts and equations on the white paper.

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Abstaining from the anthem continues

Athletes continue to kneel during the national anthem to protest human rights inequalities.


Photo by Taryn Allen

NFL star Colin Kaepernick has been dominating headlines recently after people noticed him taking a knee during the national anthem at a football game in protest of racial injustice. In light of recent aggravated police violence against black people in the United States, Kaepernick is demonstrating a silent strike before every football game against a country and an anthem that he feels does not respect his rights as an American because of his skin color.

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