The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Standing Rock movement

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Photo by Kat Weaver. DU Stands with Standing Rock event, November 15, 2016

In a post-election climate when human rights, corporate greed and climate change are some of the biggest concerns Americans have, the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) falls no shorter than an environmental crisis.

In January 2015, Dakota Access LLC and Energy Transfer Partners received permit approval to start building a 0.76-m-diameter pipeline spanning 1,168 miles, intended to transport up to 570,000 barrels of domestically produced crude oil each day from areas in North Dakota to Illinois.

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Lana Flowers shares experiences with journalism in the age of technology



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With technology being increasingly utilized by journalists and other news sources, certain print media outlets are falling behind or aren’t making as much print ad revenue. This affects not only the newspaper industry, but the workforce as well.

Lana Flowers, a former journalist and copy editor from Arkansas, had first-hand experience with newsrooms that refused to change and fell behind in the new wave of technology. Her career in news writing spanned 20 years. Continue reading

Author and conflict mediator Mark Gerzon critiques partisan thinking during the 2016 election


Photo by Kat Weaver

Last Tuesday, Mark Gerzon held a lecture at the Josef Korbel Sie Complex entitled, “The Day After: How to Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins on Election Day.” Gerzon is an author, activist, conflict mediator and political thought leader specializing in trans-partisan conversations. The “day after” in the title obviously refers to November 9th, when America knows who our 44th president is and when republicans, democrats and independents will either celebrate or riot. Continue reading

DU’s theater department tackles connectivity in devised play “Exiled”


Photo by Kat Weaver

University of Denver’s Department of Theater debuted the devised work Exiled this month at JMAC Studios, running from October 13th-23rd. The term “devised work” means that the actors were not given a script, rather they created one by collaborating and building off a central theme with director, Laurence Curry.

The cast consisted of freshman Micah Conway, seniors Katie Walker, Wren Schuyler, Rosa Warner and Sam Paragment, with Mitchell Sheppard and Sam Pierce III stage managing.

“Exiled first began as a hunch, with regards to the idea of connection and disconnection since the beginning of time,” Curry writes in the show’s program.

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Colonizing DU: Columbus or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?



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To many Americans, Columbus Day isn’t much more than it’s textbook definition — the day that Christopher Columbus “sailed the ocean blue,” discovered The New World and we get a day off for it. It’s learned this way, advertised this way and celebrated this way by many people because this is the version we heard in school for generations.  But as it turns out, textbooks don’t always tell the entire truth.

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