Immunizations and the herd

Winfo-graphic-2ith the chances of giving birth to a child with autism at a ten-year high, many parents feel forced to make decisions for their new families regarding their baby’s vaccinations. Although there is no scientific link that associates vaccinations with the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a roper poll reveals that 36 percent of the U.S. population believes there could be a link. This leads to the question, if there is even a slight chance that vaccinations can lead to autism, should families be legally forced to vaccinate their children in order to be admitted into public schools?

85 percent of families in the U.S. support mandatory vaccinations, the other 15 percent have been vocal about their opposition. With popular faces, like Jim Kerry and Jenny McCarthy, leading the protests against legally mandated vaccinations, it is hard to ignore either side of the argument. 
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Jake Hurwitz’s vision changes lives of young entrepreneurs


photo taken and edited by: JJ Gregg

In an attempt to control his education, Jake Hurwitz has made a point to absorb the wisdom of inspirational business men and women to better himself and his perspective. On Oct. 28, in his office right off of the University of Colorado Boulder campus, Hurwitz finalized the first stage of a long-term project that takes the perspective of successful business people and bestows it upon students that may be struggling to cope with the real-world struggles of innovation.

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Denver drivers don’t mind handing over the wheel


Photo: James Gregg, University of Denver

Uber’s background check process has fallen under criticism in the past year. This year alone there have been an alleged 67 sexual assaults are chained to Uber’s reputation in the U.S. With ride sharing a prevalent means of transportation in the Denver metro area, many University of Denver students don’t foresee a threat when hiring a driver.

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DU Stories on Twitter

This past week, I’ve spent my time tracking DU and some parts of it’s culture. In addition I spent some time around the city and in the mountains enjoying the fall air and foliage. I’ts funny how a project like this will get me to see new things after four years of being here.


Jerusalem Restaurant is a place where you can find students any time between 10am until 4am.  I’ve always left with a full stomach while losing less than 10 dollars at a time.


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