Staying safe on the net

Staying safe on the net. There are a couple of very simple ways to do that not costing a dime. Which for most people, mainly college students, is the most important part. We’re all willing to do something until it costs money. First of all, lets start with general safety on the web without having to download anything, your look both ways before crossing the street safety tips.  This is stuff that we should at least be mentioning to kids these days because our world is becoming increasingly dependent on web services. Firstly, don’t use an easy to guess password, like steven123 or spacebar spacebar spacebar spacebar space bar. Passwords with random numbers, letters and symbols work best. Don’t with that don’t use the same password for all for your stuff like email, apple or pc products, your social media websites like twitter and Facebook and certainly not you online banking. Thirdly in regards to your passwords be sure to change them at every couple of months just as an extra measure.


“I’d say I use the same password for almost all of my websites. Facebook, Twitter, Canvas, Pioneerweb, you name it they all have the same password” said Jack Cherry a junior at the University of Denver.

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The hero’s DU deserves

Recently entering, 2017, we have com e into the most connected time between people that humans have ever seen. What do we have to thank for this connectivity? The internet! More so everybody attending our university, The University of Denver, uses DU WiFi or eduroam. The difference between the two would be that eduroam has more levels of security than DU WiFi.

It’s important to know a least a little bit of how it all works and what kind of security measures you can take to ensure the privacy of your personal information. Some examples of cyber crime that you might recognize would be eBay’s catastrophe in 2014 when 233 million users’ personal information was stolen. Usernames, passwords phone numbers and physical addresses. Or more recently in 2016 Yahoo for a couple of different reasons. 1. It was released that 500 million user’s information comppwas stolen back in 2015 and 2. It came out that Yahoo and the US government were working together to monitor emails going through their system. Whether that is a good or bad thing that your emails are being looked at by the government, it’s important to know what is happening to your personal information online.

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The Internet Has No Identity

Stop. Breathe. Relax and get ready for an explanation about cyber security in the least scary and simplest way. Ever since birth the internet has changed tremendously. January of 1983 is when a group of researches formed the network of networks but in 1990 is when the Internet, as we know it, was created by computer scientist Tim Berners. Since then communication between technological devices has slowly started to take over our lives from web browsing and instant messaging to online banking.



Infographic by: Matthew Stallone

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Final WordPress

This week in assorted news many exciting and depressing events have happened. Starting out on a happier note, Joe Bidden memes have taken over the internet. There might be a Game of Thrones prequel, which has fans shivering with excitement. On a not so happy note, Antartica is predicted to be ice-less by 2050 and students are signing petitions to make their campuses sanctuaries.

Joe Biden is the Internet’s new favorite person

After a long and unpleasant presidential election we are seeing a bit of humor well deserved. Most of America knows Joe Biden for being Vice President for Obama, but he is getting a new reason for fame. This video shows the relationship between Biden and Obama. They seem like brothers throughout the video and even ending in a quote by Biden saying “We’re lie family now”(Joe Biden).


This post election the two have become an iconic duo thanks to the internet. Biden’s internet personality seems to be that of a loving friend willing to do anything for Obama. While Obama has an internet personality of a father or older brother keeping his younger brother in check. Biden memes are a good comic relief after this election, putting tensions between a partisan divided country at ease.


Nerd Alert!

c9lzmv4d3mgzpnyntz7s.jpg the little artists shoes Jo what up player tonight

Good news for all of the Game of Thrones fans. After much let down, season 7 only having eight episodes and releasing much later than it’s typical air-date in June. Also, with the news that the final season, season 8 will only have six episodes, it has been a long time without any good news for fans. But, today it has been revealed that producers are discussing possible spin off for the hit series. One of the more prominent ideas for a spin-off is a prequel. George R.R. Martin has not only written books that have been made into a hit series but he has also created a world. With rich lore from geography, characters, storylines to timelines it it not so far fetched for a prequel to Game of Thrones to be put into production.


Ice-less Earth by 2050


Due to human Carbon Dioxide emissions scientists are predicting our Arctic zones to be ice-less by the year 2050, if we survive that long. As of today we are loosing 50 square meters of ice each year and that number is only increasing as CO2 emissions increase. It is mind-boggling that some of the most powerful people in our government still deny science. Our new president even thinks global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese government and earlier today appointed a climate-change skeptic as the new head of Environmental Protection Agency. Global warming is a very imminent threat to humanity, needed to be recognized and acknowledged by every single person. By ignoring it and focusing on economics our president is dooming the fate of our species.





Sanctuaries in the U.S are popping up in every State


Post-election Trump has indicated that he will uphold when he said that he plans to deport illegal immigrants. In reaction to this many students have signed petitions which Universities have agreed to, creating safe-zones on private University campuses. These campuses are pledging to keep Trump from deporting these people. The theory is that policy officers are not allowed to go onto private campuses and deport someone without a warrant, making it harder for Trump to impose his will.




I have learned a lot throughout this quarter. I never thought that I would be able to hard code my own website but here we are. I have also come to learn a lot about Twitter and the connectivity it provides. Also, learning the business side of Twitter will be a good tool to know in the future as many people looking to hire expect millennial’s to be proficient in social media. Creating the WebApp was the most fun of the quarter, having to come up with the idea and fully flesh out what we wanted t I swearHowo do was awesome.




The Watcher’s on the Wall

Technology has come such a long way and is a prominent part in everyone’s daily life. From using personal phones to swiping debit cards. Which is why cyber security being more important than ever. Hack’s seem to occur every day attacking millions of people world wide, some don’t even know when they are hacked.

At the moment Cisco’s OpenDNS is the highest functioning, most successful cyber security product out there in the market for individual people and large corporate businesses. Zafar Essa, Global Support Head for OpenDNS, is an expert on the subject of cyber security and has worked in the tech industry for 16 years.


Zafar Essa

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The Day After November 8,2016


(Photo By Matthew Stallone)

Mark Gerzon, author of several books and political activist, gave a speech this Tuesday Nov. 1, 2016 at the SIE complex, University of Denver about how to bridge the partisan divide no matter who wins the election.

Gerzon discussed his political background, growing up very right winged suburban area. To the point where he did not know a single democrat growing up. Admitting to probably being a racist and bigot in his childhood due to his surroundings, the leader of the KKK lived close by he gave as am example.

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Chiller Whales Defeats Buttery Box in 7-2 blowout.

It was a warm Sunday evening at Diane Wendt Field as the two teams show up 10 minutes before 6 p.m. for their intramural soccer game. The team’s warm-up on their perspective sides of the field. The Chiller Whales (3-1), captained by Jack Roberts (Senior for Chiller Whales), initiate a passing drill amongst themselves. Crisp passes gliding along the grass accompanied by a number of passes kicked high in the air. The opposing team Buttery Box(2-2), captained by Henry Ferrill (Junior for Buttery Box), started by doing dynamic stretching between the goal and goalie box. Minutes passed and the referee’s called for captains, moments later their whistles blew and the game begun.


Diane Wendt Field, University of Denver . Oct. 23 2016.

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Twitter Round up #3

This week in tech news, Cisco and apple are combining to fight SalesForce, hackers hack, technology is learning on its own and Millennial’s will consume news on different  platforms. firstly,SalesForce at the moment is pioneering the way in terms of B2B business. Cisco and Apple however, are in cahoots to produce a similar product to combat the tech start-up. Secondly, there has also been another major hack, this time mainly hitting smartphone users in Europe. Disabling access to some websites and using cyber security software to hide themselves. Thirdly, technology is learning! programmers are teaching computers the ability to taste. Finally, Millennial’s are slowly migrating towards different platforms such as Facebook and VR headsets to consume news.


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.57.31 PM.pngPower houses working together


Cisco and Apple are teaming up in attempts to combat SalesForce. In future IOS updates Cisco will offer a feature embedded into Apple software similar to what SaleForce offers. The App will also provide more security for your phone as well as better connectivity with customers and other business ventures.

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Twitter Round up #2

Free Internet?

Facebook is in contact with major cellular companies about attaching wifi to customers basic bill but needs the U.S government’s okay first. Zuckerberg has a mission to connect the world and wants to partner with cell companies to get more users.

The government is uneasy about this deal. Believing that this would only make large companies more powerful. The movement is called “Free Basics” and by doing this, it would allow all Americans to have internet.

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