Gun violence among youth in America

Gun violence is an issue plaguing the youth in America affecting 18 lives daily. The reason? Many quickly cite the lenient gun laws and the creation of the 2nd amendment. After all we are known worldwide as the country that has “the right to bear arms” and it’s the reason why we gained our independence in the first place. It is a constitutional right, but it’s one that is taking innocent lives daily.

Creating harsher gun laws and enforcing stricter background checks may limit the number of guns in this country, but they won’t omit the gun violence.


Time cover by Joe Klein

Judy Williams, who runs the organization Mothers of Murdered Offspring (MOMO), agrees that guns will always be available, but that the route to solving the problem is about perception and empathy towards communities where the violence occurs in.

“The reality of it is, they are not going to do away with guns in this country… The fact is that they are so plentiful on the streets and people have…It’s ludicrous to think you can take guns out of people’s homes in this country…It ain’t gonna happen.”

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Breaking into sports journalism

Dillon Brooks hand wrote a note every Monday morning for four straight weeks to ESPN Denver Radio in hopes of getting any face time to prove why he could serve as a sports personality and writer for the company. After landing the internship, Dillon has been in the field for more than three years and gave a lot of insight about the industry in our discussion.


Dillon would consider himself an avid sports fan and cites that as the main reason he wanted to get into the industry. Dillon mentioned that a crucial skill to have is confidence.

“If you can hold your own in an interview and be able to talk to a stranger for 30 minutes then you can work anywhere doing anything.”

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Mark Gerzon: How to bridge the partisan divide no matter who wins on election day

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, students, alumni, and local community members gathered to hear Mark Gerzon speak on behalf of the University of Denver’s Conflict Resolution Institute. The speech, “How to Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins on Election Day,” focused on how our democracy is flawed in solving issues and what we can do to turn it around.


Photo by Will Moss, Tuesday Nov. 2nd, 5:30pm

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Chiller Whales fall to Real Denver


On Sunday Oct. 16 at Diane Wendt field, the Chiller Wales (2-0) faced off against Real Denver (1-1) in the University of Denver Intramural Soccer league. The Chiller Whales, after leading most of the game fell to Real Denver in the last minutes of competition.


Photo by Will Moss at Diane Wendt Field 6:30pm

The Chiller Whales got off to an aggressive start, with Nathan Chesley scoring the first two goals of the match. The first goal came from a cross by Gunnar Solberg followed by a tenacious header from Chesley 2 minutes and 36 seconds into the game.

After making three defensive stops the Chiller Whales once again advanced the ball into the box with a pass from Sarah Lewis to Nathan Chesley, who went back door on the goal keeper with 10 minutes to play in the first half.

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Where is the Pio spirit?

Recently the University of Denver has made school spirit more of a priority by creating a Student Spirit Committee. After having spoken to a number of DU students the overwhelming consensus is that DU has not done enough to push school spirit, promote events, or hold appealing events.


Ritchie Center at University of Denver on recent October day (photo by Will Moss)

The new spirit committee will include voices from groups all over campus to effectively plan events that students are excited about. Tess Greenwald, the schools’ student body president, had this say about the new spirit committee. “In previous years the committee was comprised of Greek life and a few other community members. By expanding our group we can reach a larger audience and hopefully get more students out for games and other community events.”

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