Homelessness in Denver


Photo by Rachel Ledon

Imagine that everything you own could fit in a Wal-Mart shopping cart.  You spend your nights sleeping in a tent on the side of a street. You have an old, rugged jacket that you keep in a trash bag that hangs over your shopping cart. Sometimes it’s enough to keep warm. Sometimes, it isn’t.

You don’t have a job. You don’t have a house. You don’t have much.

You walk to the nearest gas station to buy a bag of pretzels with the spare change that you have collected from the day. Returning to your corner you find that your small collection of possessions has been taken. It hasn’t been stolen by thieves but rather was seized by city officials.

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Thinking about law school? Get advice from a judge


Photo by Rachel Ledon

In 1987, John Madden was a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since grade school, Madden had toyed with the idea of going to law school so he decided to take the LSAT, or the Law School Admission test. He received a 180, a perfect score.

Today, John Madden is a judge for the Second Judicial District Court of Colorado. Continue reading

How to bridge the partisan divide: talk by Author Mark Gerzon


Photo by Rachel  Ledon

With Election Day rapidly approaching, anxiety stricken voters are struggling to make peace with those across the isle. Author Mark Gerzon delivered an insightful lecture on Tuesday at the University of Denver speaking about how we can bridge the partisan divide no matter who wins the election.

Now more than ever, negative views of the opposing party have created a deep entrenchment of political partisanship. Forty-nine percent of republicans say democrats makes them feel afraid while 58% say they feel frustrated. The numbers on the other side aren’t much better. Fifty-five percent of democrats say that the Republican Party makes them feel afraid while 58% say they feel frustrated.

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Theatre Review: “Exiled” at DU


Photo by Rachel Ledon

A dim blue light fades in, revealing five actors who are standing center stage as a unit with fear stricken faces. They breathe together as if they are one organism. They look straight ahead with anticipation. The audience’s faces reflect the emotion right back.

“One. Two. Breath”

These opening lines of University of Denver’s production of Exiled immediately captured its audience just before luring them into the abstract world in which the play came to life. Continue reading

Colorado students say yes to college despite rising costs


Photo by Rachel Ledon


Colorado students say college is worth it despite tuition increase and high debt levels. 

It’s no secret that the cost of attending college is on the rise. This has invoked fear in American society where a college degree was once key driver of social mobility.

Politicians and lawmakers are beginning to catch on. Secretary Clinton is proposing a Continue reading