Sexual assault involving athletes points to systemic issues


Photo courtesy of EON Sports

In the hierarchy of national controversies, sexual assault on college campuses has maintained a prominent position over the past decade. As female students look into perspective institutions, safety has become an inherent part of their questioning.

Recently, a new boogeyman has arose in the conversation about sexual assault on college campuses: athletes and the departments behind them. As a growing number of cases involving sexual assaults and subsequent coverups rises, the presence of a nationwide and even systemic issue within intercollegiate athletics becomes clear.

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Writing professor Kara Taczak describes her journey to academia


Ryan Ninesling | MFJS Reporter 2016

Amongst writing students looking ahead to the future, becoming a professor always seems to be a popular idea. Professors stand as embodiments of the diverse array of fields students study under, so choosing to follow their mentors into academia is only natural.

For Dr. Kara Taczak, a writing professor at the University of Denver, the path to becoming a college educator was a culmination of years of knowing her purpose was to impart knowledge.

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Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle discuss the process behind “La La Land”


Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

On Nov. 3 in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, tears were shed and words were hard to come by as the sold out screening of “La La Land,” a dreamy musical starring Emma Stone (“Easy A”) and Ryan Gosling (“Drive”), left many viewers in disbelief.

In a time where a dreary election and a seemingly endless stream of dark movies hangs over viewer’s heads, the film was a breath of fresh air to those present. After the screening, many were eager to hear discussion of the film through a Q and A session with Stone and director Damien Chazelle (“Whiplash”), moderated by local film critic Lisa Kennedy.

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“Exiled” is transformative for player and audience member alike


Ryan Ninesling | MFJS Reporter

Before the play “Exiled” begins, the backdrop stands bare, a wall covered in blank white paper. By the time the play is over, it will have transformed into an array of chaotic writing, but the wall isn’t the only thing to have evolved over the course of the play. “Exiled” is a piece that is transformative for all involved.

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