Investigation and storytelling – a conversation with investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola


Investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola shows off the 9News newsroom. Photo by Lars Brady.

“There’s always something happening  in Denver,” says investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola.

Whether it’s wasted tax dollars, questionable business practices, or governmental abuse of power, Jojola makes it his responsibility as an investigative journalist to uncover and disseminate the truth.

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Author Billy J. Stratton shares what it means to be a published writer


Dr. Billy J. Stratton // Photo by Taryn Allen

Dr. Billy J. Stratton never imagined that he would be a published author. Even the thought of being a writer would have made him scoff as a young man in Kentucky. Today, he has a PhD, teaches at the University of Denver and has multiple publications under his belt.

Being an author is no easy feat, whether it be for a scholarly work or for a piece of fiction. It takes hard work, dedication and an immense amount of time. The best writers must read a lot and write a lot. They need to commit to researching topics and producing creative content practically on cue. Many do this without recognition or reward, as well, as the world of publication is competitive and unpredictable. These days, a writer often cannot earn a living, with low royalty rates for academic pieces and first-time publishers and no clear guide of what will or will not sell to the presses.

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Breaking into sports journalism

Dillon Brooks hand wrote a note every Monday morning for four straight weeks to ESPN Denver Radio in hopes of getting any face time to prove why he could serve as a sports personality and writer for the company. After landing the internship, Dillon has been in the field for more than three years and gave a lot of insight about the industry in our discussion.


Dillon would consider himself an avid sports fan and cites that as the main reason he wanted to get into the industry. Dillon mentioned that a crucial skill to have is confidence.

“If you can hold your own in an interview and be able to talk to a stranger for 30 minutes then you can work anywhere doing anything.”

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The Watcher’s on the Wall

Technology has come such a long way and is a prominent part in everyone’s daily life. From using personal phones to swiping debit cards. Which is why cyber security being more important than ever. Hack’s seem to occur every day attacking millions of people world wide, some don’t even know when they are hacked.

At the moment Cisco’s OpenDNS is the highest functioning, most successful cyber security product out there in the market for individual people and large corporate businesses. Zafar Essa, Global Support Head for OpenDNS, is an expert on the subject of cyber security and has worked in the tech industry for 16 years.


Zafar Essa

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Gabe Bram and the roller coaster ride of teaching


photo by Prairie Middle School 

25-year-old DU alumni Gabe Bram has plenty of insight to share about his middle school teaching career that is both emotional and inspiring.

Being a teacher today is arguably one of the toughest jobs a young adult can take on. The amount of responsibility and impact the job pertains can be mined bottling for some but others like Bram, who is in his second year of teaching at Prairie Middle School in Aurora, embraces it.

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Lana Flowers shares experiences with journalism in the age of technology



Photo courtesy of

With technology being increasingly utilized by journalists and other news sources, certain print media outlets are falling behind or aren’t making as much print ad revenue. This affects not only the newspaper industry, but the workforce as well.

Lana Flowers, a former journalist and copy editor from Arkansas, had first-hand experience with newsrooms that refused to change and fell behind in the new wave of technology. Her career in news writing spanned 20 years. Continue reading

What it takes to become a professor



Photo by Alexis Meacheam

Natalie Rogers is a writing TA at the University of Denver, who is well on her way to becoming a writing professor. Previously, she was a high school teacher, which is what originally got her interested in being a professor.

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