University of Denver men’s soccer looks beyond New Mexico


Photo: JJ Gregg

The University of Denver men’s soccer narrowly juggled a 2-1 overtime win against New Mexico.

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“Exiled” is transformative for player and audience member alike


Ryan Ninesling | MFJS Reporter

Before the play “Exiled” begins, the backdrop stands bare, a wall covered in blank white paper. By the time the play is over, it will have transformed into an array of chaotic writing, but the wall isn’t the only thing to have evolved over the course of the play. “Exiled” is a piece that is transformative for all involved.

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DU’s theater department tackles connectivity in devised play “Exiled”


Photo by Kat Weaver

University of Denver’s Department of Theater debuted the devised work Exiled this month at JMAC Studios, running from October 13th-23rd. The term “devised work” means that the actors were not given a script, rather they created one by collaborating and building off a central theme with director, Laurence Curry.

The cast consisted of freshman Micah Conway, seniors Katie Walker, Wren Schuyler, Rosa Warner and Sam Paragment, with Mitchell Sheppard and Sam Pierce III stage managing.

“Exiled first began as a hunch, with regards to the idea of connection and disconnection since the beginning of time,” Curry writes in the show’s program.

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DU’s ‘Exiled’ is a work of art


Rosa Wariner, Wren Schuyler, Sam Pargament, Katie Walker, Mikah Conway and Stage Manager Mitchell Shepherd // Photo by Taryn Allen

The DU Department of Theatre recently presented a play called “Exiled,” a five-person original performance that captured the senses and provoked emotion.

Imagine DU’s White Box Theatrea room painted white from floor to ceilingwith the back wall plastered with sheets of white paper and the only set pieces, five black blocks, lined up along the floor. When the lights go down, the cast members slither and slink out into the dark theatre, silently moving the blocks around and using markers to write words, phrases, charts and equations on the white paper.

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DU’s premiere comedy team Skintight Outrage does not disappoint


Photo by Carson Baer

At 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday October 19, Sturm Hall is eerily quiet compared to its bustling day time alter ego. Like a secret speakeasy that only a select few know about, Lindsay Auditorium opens its doors every Wednesday to host Skintight Outrage, DU’s premiere improv team. Consisting of nine students, Skintight Outrage is an elite comedy team where all of its members are required to audition for a spot. Everything performed is unscripted and no performance is the same. Every student at DU is welcome to audition for the team but only the funniest of the funny get to call themselves a member of the team. Continue reading

Skintight Outrage’s humor excels where production value lacks


Photo by Annika Galloway 10/19/16

Tucked away in a fluorescent dungeon lies a room that on every Wednesday night bursts with joy. The University of Denver’s self proclaimed “premier” improv group, Skintight Outrage, thrives on the strength of imagination when resources are nonexistent.

On Oct. 19 at 8:30 p.m., at the Lindsey auditorium located in Sturm, the University of Denver’s only improv comedy group performed for an eclectic crowd consisted of 30 people scattered across the front third of the oversized auditorium. Continue reading

Theatre Review: “Exiled” at DU


Photo by Rachel Ledon

A dim blue light fades in, revealing five actors who are standing center stage as a unit with fear stricken faces. They breathe together as if they are one organism. They look straight ahead with anticipation. The audience’s faces reflect the emotion right back.

“One. Two. Breath”

These opening lines of University of Denver’s production of Exiled immediately captured its audience just before luring them into the abstract world in which the play came to life. Continue reading

“Exiled” displaced its own story line


Photo by Alexis Meacheam

From director Laurence Curry comes a play performed October 23rd, at 2:00 pm at the Johnson-McFarlane Hall at the University of Denver called Exiled.  This play consists of only five actors who portray five main characters plus a slew of other unnamed characters who are not necessary to the plot of the piece. The plot of the play was essentially unknown throughout the entirety of the play. Only until after the performance, during the talk back section in which the cast talks to the audience about the piece, do we find out the real meaning behind the play. Continue reading

5th annual Stroll N Tell brings cultural awareness at DU


Photo and graphics by: Multicultural Greek Council

As you walked into Driscoll Ballroom, you were instantly hit with the diversity of the University of Denver. Numerous Multicultural Greek Organizations gathered around the ballroom, anticipating for the amazing show they were promised. Before the performance started, numerous people were walking around, socializing, and showing off their Greek letters. All around, you saw Greek members wearing their jackets with their Greek letters on them. These jackets are similar to Letterman jackets from high school, but are held to a higher honor. You could hear the wave of laughter all around the ballroom, and see matching smiles to go along with it. Not a single person in the room was left alone. Everybody was welcomed like family.

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