DU students: Trump “lacks understanding” when it comes to PTSD


Photo courtesy of counselingrx.com

In a recent interview at the Retired American Warriors PAC, Donald Trump appeared to imply that combat veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were not “strong” and “can’t handle” the dangerous and harrowing environment of war.

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Colonizing DU: Columbus or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?



Flyer courtesy of transformcolumbusday.org

To many Americans, Columbus Day isn’t much more than it’s textbook definition — the day that Christopher Columbus “sailed the ocean blue,” discovered The New World and we get a day off for it. It’s learned this way, advertised this way and celebrated this way by many people because this is the version we heard in school for generations.  But as it turns out, textbooks don’t always tell the entire truth.

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Denver drivers don’t mind handing over the wheel


Photo: James Gregg, University of Denver

Uber’s background check process has fallen under criticism in the past year. This year alone there have been an alleged 67 sexual assaults are chained to Uber’s reputation in the U.S. With ride sharing a prevalent means of transportation in the Denver metro area, many University of Denver students don’t foresee a threat when hiring a driver.

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Abstaining from the anthem continues

Athletes continue to kneel during the national anthem to protest human rights inequalities.


Photo by Taryn Allen

NFL star Colin Kaepernick has been dominating headlines recently after people noticed him taking a knee during the national anthem at a football game in protest of racial injustice. In light of recent aggravated police violence against black people in the United States, Kaepernick is demonstrating a silent strike before every football game against a country and an anthem that he feels does not respect his rights as an American because of his skin color.

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Where is the Pio spirit?

Recently the University of Denver has made school spirit more of a priority by creating a Student Spirit Committee. After having spoken to a number of DU students the overwhelming consensus is that DU has not done enough to push school spirit, promote events, or hold appealing events.


Ritchie Center at University of Denver on recent October day (photo by Will Moss)

The new spirit committee will include voices from groups all over campus to effectively plan events that students are excited about. Tess Greenwald, the schools’ student body president, had this say about the new spirit committee. “In previous years the committee was comprised of Greek life and a few other community members. By expanding our group we can reach a larger audience and hopefully get more students out for games and other community events.”

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Students put forward views on prescription drug abuse

localization cover photo.PNG

Spilled bottle of Adderall. (photo by Ben Jones)

Prescription drug abuse among college and university students around the United States is a problem experts say is getting progressively worse. The 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that prescription drug abuse is second to marijuana among 18 to 25 year old’s. The study also shows that these abuses have increased since the 1990’s with the increase in Adderall prescriptions and pain killers such as oxy cotton. Another survey conducted by Columbia University found that approximately half of full-time college students abuse prescription drugs or binge drink.


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Students don’t like cafeteria food. Whats new.



One of the most common questions about any University is the food. How is the food provided by the school? The answer to that question can play a large part in deciding where to attend school. The University of Denver educating ~12,000, its primary food vendor Sodexo, is one of the largest food providers in the world. Turns out students aren’t thrilled about it.

Why is this a timeless issue? Universities need to figure it out.

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DU students want the pay gap to close

How do students at the University of Denver feel about the increasing wage gap? 


Photo by Carson Baer


It has been 52 years since the passing of the Equal Pay Act, a law aimed at abolishing wage disparity based on gender. Today, American women are making just 80 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn.

The pay gap ironically, does not discriminate who it affects. Women from all backgrounds, ages, and levels of education experience wage disparity. A study conducted by the American Association of University Women also known as the AAUW, found that a gender pay gap exists in nearly every occupation. Continue reading

Students talk inclusivity and racial tensions on DU campus


Photo by Alexis Meacheam

Over 730 people have been killed by United States police officers so far in 2016. Of the 730, 201 have been black men and women, according to an ongoing tracking project done byThe Guardian Among the 201, 36 of these people have been unarmed.

The deaths of unarmed black men and women has caused a loud uproar on either side of the issue throughout the U.S. Racial tensions can be thought to have increased throughout the past few years, with riots, mass shootings, and police brutality becoming more visible. The effects of the wild events can be felt across the nation, even in institutions like the University of Denver, where inclusivity and diversity is claimed to be highly valued.

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