DU alums share readings from their published works

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Photo by Julia Murray

On Thursday Nov. 3 in Sturm 451 at 8 p.m., a reading was hosted by the Creative Writing Department at the University of Denver, featuring readings by Yanara Friedland and Jennifer Denrow.

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Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle discuss the process behind “La La Land”


Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

On Nov. 3 in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, tears were shed and words were hard to come by as the sold out screening of “La La Land,” a dreamy musical starring Emma Stone (“Easy A”) and Ryan Gosling (“Drive”), left many viewers in disbelief.

In a time where a dreary election and a seemingly endless stream of dark movies hangs over viewer’s heads, the film was a breath of fresh air to those present. After the screening, many were eager to hear discussion of the film through a Q and A session with Stone and director Damien Chazelle (“Whiplash”), moderated by local film critic Lisa Kennedy.

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Mark Gerzon: How to bridge the partisan divide no matter who wins on election day

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, students, alumni, and local community members gathered to hear Mark Gerzon speak on behalf of the University of Denver’s Conflict Resolution Institute. The speech, “How to Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins on Election Day,” focused on how our democracy is flawed in solving issues and what we can do to turn it around.


Photo by Will Moss, Tuesday Nov. 2nd, 5:30pm

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Sorority members talk candidly about sexual assault on DU’s campus


At 8:30 p.m. Wednesday October 26 around one hundred sorority women gathered together in the University of Denver’s Sturm Hall to learn more about preventing sexual assault on their college campus.

In an effort to educate fraternity and sorority members on an issue affecting colleges across the nation, Gamma Phi Beta, a University of Denver sorority chapter, teamed up with the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative to create an interactive presentation about campus sexual assault catered towards college students. Continue reading

Author and conflict mediator Mark Gerzon critiques partisan thinking during the 2016 election


Photo by Kat Weaver

Last Tuesday, Mark Gerzon held a lecture at the Josef Korbel Sie Complex entitled, “The Day After: How to Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins on Election Day.” Gerzon is an author, activist, conflict mediator and political thought leader specializing in trans-partisan conversations. The “day after” in the title obviously refers to November 9th, when America knows who our 44th president is and when republicans, democrats and independents will either celebrate or riot. Continue reading

Mark Gerzon speaks on the importance of bridging a “technicolor” nation post-election


Photo by Annika Galloway

DENVER- Mark Gerzon, an author and cross-party conversation expert, spoke at the University of Denver on Tuesday to advocate for the importance of cross-party relations and conversations in and out of Washington D.C. in his speech titled, “How To Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins the Election”.

In Washington D.C., Grezon facilitated the first House of Representatives Bipartisan Congressional Retreat. He argued that in order to bridge the massive divide of the two party ideologies, everyone must be involved in recognizing our “technicolor nation” that is built with more than just “blue” and “white”.

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LeVar Battle talks social media in a changing field



 On Monday, Oct. 29,  LeVar Battle held a lecture discussing the significance of social media in the communication and media, a field that’s rapidly evolving with the Internet.

Battle is a University of Denver alum and Senior Manager for Social Media at Webroot, a cybersecurity firm. Previously, he worked on the social media team for DaVita Healthcare Partners, one of the nation’s largest kidney care companies.

Although the online pages for cybersecurity and kidney care may sound dull, Battle understands the nuances of social media and can spice up even the dryest of content

During the discussion, Battle highlighted how the Internet is rapidly changing the way people communicate. Battle mentioned how since nearly everybody can toss in their voice online, it’s important to set oneself apart from the sea of others. Along with communicating in the real world, brands and individuals now must also garner an online presence.

For example, at Webroot, Battle was tasked with creating and promoting the social media campaign National Cybersecurity Month in October.

With the niche nature of a topic like cybersecurity, Battle talked about how it can be hard to generate online conversation.Yet, the campaign was successful and Battle walked students through why this was the case.

For instance, each day the Webroot social media pages released tips on how to best remain cyber-protected. The office also created a humorous video comparing malware to zombies.

As a result of their efforts, National Cybersecurity Month received an abundance of discussion on Twitter and Facebook, as the team tracked consumers utilizing their hashtag “#cyberaware”. National Cybersecurity Month was also a topic of discussion on IntoTomorrow, an internationally syndicated consumer tech show.

While discussing the tactics he utilizes, Battle spoke of how social media is largely about a consistent stream of content, something typical for online content.lecture1

“It’s all about content, content, content. Get it up and out there.” Battle noted.

It’s important to get noticed. Everyday, he works with his team to toss up news tweets, interactive polls, and informative videos.

If there’s a Webroot promotional, he’ll plaster it all over his walls. If there’s a dissatisfied customer, he quickly tweet back at them.


Finally, Battle also discussed the social media “rule of thirds”, a method he uses to curate his online presence and content.

According to him, one third of the content posted to social media should be the self-promotion of one’s own products. For Battle at Webroot, this consists of promotionals and information about Webroot’s programs.

The next third should be posts of thought leadership. Thought leadership is when an authority in a certain field offers advice or opinions. In social media, it’s the process of sharing information posted by such leaders and compatriots in the field.

For instance, even though Mcafee Security is a rival to Webroot, Battle also retweets and shares their advice on his pages. The social media manager say he does this because it shows that cybersecurity, not company profits, are the end-goal. He ultimately wants his followers to be safe, even if it’s through the help of a rival cybersecurity company.

“Obviously this is a business but my followers safety is truly important.” Battle commented.

The final third should be personal updates and insight. Battle described how content like pictures from around the office and  testimonial stories help to make a brand approachable and genuine to online consumers.

According to Battle, social media is all about branding yourself as genuine and open with consumers. Like he discussed, the Internet is full of background noise – a myriad of angry tweets, memes, and family vacation photos. Quality social media management sets one apart from such noise.

Mark Gerzon discusses how to bridge the partisan divide


Photo by Benjamin Jones

Denver, CO – Mark Gerzon, president of the Mediator Foundation gave a riveting lecture last Tuesday, November 1, 2016, discussing the topic of his book titled, The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide,”. His book has an intriguing twist where he focuses on what will happen after the presidential election and the conflicts that have stemmed from it between the two major political parties. Continue reading

Conflict resolution expert Mark Gerzon discusses bipartisanship in the nation’s democracy


Photo by Alexis Meacheam


On November 1, 2016, author and conflict resolution expert, Mark Gerzon gave a lecture at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. His lecture titled, “How to Bridge the Partisan Divide No Matter Who Wins the Election,” discussed the issues seen within the United States caused by the two dominating political parties. Specifically, Gerzon detailed the problematic way in which two parties do not work together, giving off the idea that loving your country comes from being fully on one side or another.

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DU professor brings ‘Hamlet’ to life


Photo by Taryn Allen

Dr. W. Scott Howard, an Associate Professor of English at the University of Denver, recently gave a presentation entitled “‘Stay, illusion’: Shakespeare’s First Folio and the Ghost Quartos of ‘Hamlet.’” It was a brief lesson that combined history, theatre and English into a survey of William Shakespeare and of “Hamlet’s” origin.

The lecture was held in a small classroom of Sturm Hall on the morning of Oct. 28. Only nine people attended Howard’s lecture, but each was responsive and focused. This comes as no surprise, though, as Howard made the lesson interesting, engaging and interactive.

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