Teaching through Twitter

Who’s Got Spirit? 

Jane Zunamon is the ideal Pioneer. She is involved in Greek Life, DU Hillel, and most recently the women’s club soccer team. When I ran into her coming home from class, I was not at all surprised that she was all decked out in DU swag. She wears our colors well!


Spirit is Shown in Many Ways 

What an impressive way of showing school spirit, I definitely want to learn more about Ciera’s involvement with the Asian Student Alliance at DU! I love how involved the student body is at DU.


Street and Meet Tweet

I loved hearing what Madelyn had to say about this school year. She gave some insight into what its like to be a brand new sophomore, I also share the same excitement and giddiness about the rest of the year. It was so interesting getting to hear other student’s perspectives through this activity!


New Year New Countries 

Carmen pretty much summed up my feelings about going abroad. One of the best parts of DU is the fact that going abroad is so prevalent. It is so important for young people to learn about new cultures and ideas. I wonder where Carmen will end up!


Crazy for Crepes

This part of the Twitter scavenger hunt was definitely my favorite. Any excuse to eat food and take artsy photos of it is alright with me. Crepes n Crepes in Cherry Creek North is the perfect spot to brunch out with your buds, and its exactly what I did!


Fans of Fatshack

Chelsea knows where its at. You cannot experience DU without grabbing a bite to eat at Fatshack. I didn’t know of fried Oreos until I came to Fatshack and now I can’t imagine my life without them. I love that Fatshack is a favorite for other students too!


A Campus With a View 

I love exploring DU’s campus and discovering all of its beautiful hidden spots. This photo captures my favorite part of campus, Mary Reed Hall. Whether its fall, winter, or spring the beauty of DU’s campus never ceases to take my breath away.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder 

I really enjoyed seeing my classmates photos of their favorite spots on campus. Taryn’s photo captures Evan’s Chapel from a really unique angle. I love how vibrant this photo is, it perfectly represents the colorful state which we live in!


Fall Means Football 

There are so many great things about fall: the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and the Broncos take the field. Fall always meant football in my family and its definitely one of my favorite activities to do during the season!



It is so great to see fellow DU students encouraging people to vote. Regardless of who you want, its important for everyone’s voices to be heard and I’m glad Annika’s friend is helping make this happen! retweet-6


One thought on “Teaching through Twitter

  1. Carson,
    Your Tweet summaries are lively and fun, as are the sub-headers for each Tweet/RT section. Your Tweets and photos are also good. However, there are a few small typos/grammar issues.

    Please see Canvas for your grade.

    –Dr. D-H


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